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Take the worry out of your event.  I have the experience and will help you to ensure that your event flows just how you want it to. I am always able to adjust on the fly for any unforseen external factors.


I will bring the newest innovation in dance lighting with the Gigbar2 system, LED par 64 lights, with a strobe light for the dance floor and a laser light for added effect.  It can be soft lighting or vivid, just let me know.


If you need an EMCEE for an event, I am your guy.  I can help you with most speaking engagement events.  Awards Banquets, Competitions, Ceremonies, Auctions and Motivational engagements.

What folks are saying....
5/5 stars Wedding DJ Verified Review

"We had a great night with Anthony! He really knows how to create a great atmosphere for a great party!!!"

-Crystal H.


"Anthony is such a great DJ. My husband and I booked him after we saw how great he was at my brothers wedding. Anthony was in Florida and came down to Arizona for our wedding. He was so helpful throughout the day, always assured us it was our day and to just go with the flow. He came out right before my dad and I walked down the aisle and told me walk slow and enjoy your moment. He’s so sweet and easy to get along with. He truly will make sure your guests are having a great time and that you are too. We definitely recommend his services! Thank you so much Anthony for helping us with our big day!"

-Erika T.


"Anthony was absolutely amazing at our wedding reception this weekend! We had an odd reception location 55 miles from the city and the reception was in two place and we were a bit worried one side would get ignored, but he made everyone feel involved and entertained. So many of the guests were coming up to us to comment on how great he was. We'd recommend him in a heartbeat! (p.s. so sorry about all those stairs!)"
-Rhonwyn C.
"Anthony is an awesome DJ! He really took the time to learn my wedding schedule and just went with it. He took the time to build a relationship with us - my family too. He was very personable. Lots of fun, funny, and was super easy going. He made my wedding stress free. Everyone raved over how awesome he was and how great the music was. We loved the newly wed game - that was a lot of fun and something everyone continued to talk about the next day. I would HIGHLY recommend Anthony to anyone who needs a DJ!"
-Kayla B.
"Everything about this DJ was awesome. He showed up well in advance in order to have time to set up. He also worked with a close church member of ours who was performing our piano pieces at the wedding in order to accommodate anything she needed to project the music. He was kind and interacted with the guests without being intrusive. All in all I would recommend this gentleman."
-Joshua C.
"Took me a little bit to write a review! My husband and I hired Anthony for our wedding 2017! We didn't know much about him other than my in laws traveled to one of his wedding he was DJing and hired him on the spot!! I was a little nervous considering my in laws didn't stick around for long and I had never heard any work Anthony had done but I​ went with it!! I AM SO GLAD I DID! Anthony was GREAT he matched all of our needs for music as my husband and I are completely different! We shifted from country line dancing, to hip hop, to happy birthday to our ring bearer, to low and behold a mini mosh pit!! We had a blast! I believe Anthony and his wife also had a blast even though they where "working"!! Anthony will forever be our family DJ for all our future events! He is highly reccomened by US!! WE LOVE YOU ANTHONY!"
-Dana T.

"I hired Anthony at the last minute to do a wedding that I was hired to plan. From pro to pro-- Anthony is top notch. He went above and beyond to accommodate the special needs of our client and was extra responsive. He has high quality sound equipment, great dance floor lighting and is overall, a wonderful professional to work with. His organized worksheets make it easy for any event to be a success. He is personable and gets the party started! Highly recommended and cannot wait to work with him again."
-Nikki M.
"Anthony is amazing! He is well priced, knows what he is doing, and makes sure everyone is participating and having a great time. Honestly our wedding wouldn't have been half as fun without him. He made our night quite a few times. He made sure everyone signed our guest book and really helped with the flow of the wedding. We also got a pretty cool picture of him and us on a tractor! I would recommend him to anyone. If you don't choose him you are missing out!"
- Jenna P.
"Tony was great! Played exactly what I requested. He really paid attention to the crowd. He was interactive without being intrusive. His equipment was outstanding and he brought it all. Just a great experience, I highly recommend Tony!"
- Montressa E
"Loved Anthony! He did a great job and kept the party going!!"
-Sharon M
"Anthony was great for our wedding. I originally was going to just make a playlist and buy my own music, but I decided to have someone dedicated to the task, which I am so glad I did because I didn't have to stress about anything music related and he could transition events and be flexible to any changes in the schedule. Anthony was really nice and outgoing which is how you want a dj to be, his co workers were also great. He provided sound equipment and lights for the event, & all for the best price you will find around. If you're planning a wedding, don't do the music yourself, don't make your family do it, hire Anthony and you can all enjoy your time"
- Krystal K
"Anthony was amazing! He was able to help us out with a very short notice and he really did an outstanding job:)"
- Kristy C.
"Anthony Spano made my boyfriends (63rd)surprise birthday party a blast! The age group of the party was from early 50's to late 60's so I didn't want a DJ that couldn't cater to that age group - no problem there- Anthony had everyone dancing from fast to slow to line dances (he even umped right in to get everyone started) it was the best just to stand back and see how much fun everyone was having just by seeing their toothy grins, and when they said I haven't danced in so long and I haven't danced this many songs in a row LOL was confirmation I had chosen the perfect DJ. I would hire Anthony for any type of party; not only was he fun and made the evening fun, he was affordable.... I can't wait to have another party, I will have Anthony ..... unless, he's already booked :-(
Anthony, again Mike and I thank you."
"Anthony is an AMAZING deejay. He knows exactly the right type of mood to set during your event without you even having to ask. He is interactive without being overwhelming and has even been known to throw in a few dance lessons! I highly recommend Anthony for any type of event be it a formal wedding or a class reunion. His prices are very reasonable and he is a pleasure to work with. You will not regret hiring Anthony!"
- Kristin E.


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